Built in 1808, Castle Clinton is known to be the first ever beer garden in America! Its life as a beer garden—then called Castle Garden—began on July 3rd, 1824, coming alive inside of the former Army fort, which shuttered a few years earlier. In the spring of 2013, Clinton Hall paid homage to the original by opening its doors at 90 Washington Street,  just a few blocks from that very first American Beer Garden, Castle Clinton. 

Clinton Hall introduces a unique, eclectic and exciting craft ale adventure, otherwise known as SUPERCRAFT™. Featuring 20 draught beers and ciders on rotation, ranging from keg-conditioned lagers harking from the US, Belgium, Germany, Scandinavia and beyond, ten select SUPERCRAFT™ beers are served precisely to each Brew Masters specs, thanks to an on-site Flux Capacitor™, the most advanced beer technology in the market that calibrates nitrogen and carbon dioxide and adjusts compression of each individual beer. By controlling the exact gas blend for each beer recipe through this system, every single beer offered at Clinton Hall is served at its scientifically engineered best. 

Complementing the ever-changing beverage selection is Clinton Hall’s 20 unique burger offerings, which can be expertly paired with 20 unique draft beers. Clinton Hall’s gourmet spin on traditional beer hall cuisine also features an extensive menu of carefully crafted delights such as our house made original buffalo cauliflower, homemade chili and jalapeño, cheddar & scallion waffle fries, and more!